Nature’s Way: Biomimicry in Art and Design

Linda F Lyke Argonauta Shells Intaglio 18 x 24

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: LAPS will be giving out Cash Awards at the Reception for Biomimicry: Best of Show and 2 Honorable Mentions!

From Leonardo da Vinci’s bat-like design for a flying machine to the way Velcro emulates plant burrs sticking to a dog’s fur, human inventions have always been inspired by nature. This process of biomimicry — looking to nature for solutions to human challenges — has applications in architecture, art, design and engineering. Coupled with recent advances in generative artificial intelligence, this way of thinking holds promise to resolve or ameliorate many of the ills brought about by our unmindful approach to technology.

Nature has evolved to be self-sufficient, with ecosystems that sustain themselves by using and reusing their most abundant resources. The waste of one creature gives life to another. At a cellular level, plant structures convey water, convert light into chemical energy and coordinate activity among many different types of tissue. If it is true, as believed by ancient philosophers, that “nature does nothing in vain,” what can be learned by observing these processes and how can we apply nature’s lessons to our human endeavors? Will society succeed at solving its most pressing contemporary problems, or like Icarus will our nature-inspired wings take us only so close to the sun? How will printmakers respond to the promise of a biomimetic approach to design? In what ways may our art raise awareness about sustainability and our relationship with the natural world?

This exhibition includes the best in both traditional and experimental techniques in contemporary printmaking, including works on paper, installation, and other multi-media approaches to printmaking. 

Karen Fiorito, Out of Nature Intaglio 9 x 11

Exhibition Dates: April 1 – April 30, 20243
Reception for Artists and Awards: April 6, 3:00 – 6:00 PM
Earth Day Event: April 21st, 12:00 – 3:00 PM

JUROR: Dale Youngman, Dale Youngman Projects/Omni Presenti/ArtExcellence:

VENUE:  Center for Arts Eagle Rock (CFAER)
2225 Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA[email protected]


MariBeth Baloga
Katherine McDowell
Mary Sherwood Brock
Angela Oates
Jared Millar  
Rhonda Burton
Kimiko Miyoshi
Youyun Chung
Wendy Murray
Cathie Crawford
Jackie Nach
Sydney Cross
Judy Dekel
Debra Olin
Christina Yasmin Fesmire
Gail D. Panske
Karen Fiorito
Marek Pospiech
Yeung Ha
Rosalyn Richards
Bay Hallowell
Roxanne Sexauer
Jani Hoberg
Marjan Seyedin
Carolyn James
Janet Shlesman
Mako Lanselle
Barbara Sloan
Carolyn Liesy
Susan Spector      
Bachrun LoMele
Amy Jo Toucey
C. Matthew Luther
Krysta Tower
Linda F Lyke
Noriho Uriu
Maureen Maki
Zana Zupur

Noriho Uriu, Fan of leaf Intaglio 18x24
Christina Yasmin Fesmire, (Re)Connect Non-Silver Photography 6x9
Angela Oates, Mirror Mirror Relief 6x8
Gail Panske, Wafted on A Breeze Monoprint 36x51