Conversations in The Secret Language of Nature

Between Us and the Trees

In “The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, What They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World,” forest scientist Peter Wohlleben writes about the secret language of the trees, the forest ecosystems and the fungal communication of the ancient forests. Through the exploration of communication systems between the trees the botanical world and us, members of Los Angeles Printmaking Society & special guests investigate the themes of plant intelligence, hidden communication and the transcendent connections between us and the natural world.

John Greco; Gota de Agua, Etching and Aquatint


Exhibition Dates: April 1 – April 27, 2023 

Reception for Artists: April 1, 3:00 – 6:00 PM

Earth Day Event: April 22nd, 1:00 – 4:00 PM


Center for Arts Eagle Rock (CFAER)
2225 Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA / [email protected] / 

Director: Melinda Ann Farrell

John Greco began his art training in the early 1970’s, studying printmaking with Glen Brunken, Will Petersen, and Dan Rohn. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Slippery Rock University and received his Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Kent State University. He has taught courses in Art and Photography at the American Intercontinental University, Kent State University, Slippery Rock University and the University of Southern California. He has exhibited extensively in the US and abroad; his work is included in both public and private collections.

Through his Josephine Press established in 1984 to provide a center for artists to explore their creative potential in printmaking and to publish fine art editions, artist, and master printer, John Greco has collaborated with Raymond Pettibon, Edgar Heap of Birds, John Cage, Meg Cranston, Muramasa Kudo, Michael McMillen, Joseph Piasentin, Nancy Riegelman, Arturo Segundo and Paul Soldner. In 1989, he established the Christopher John Gallery in conjunction with Josephine Press to represent and exhibit the works of innovative artists and printmakers to extend his love for printmaking and investing in the artists of his community.

Best of Show — Noriho Uriu, Reemergence
Juror’s Award
Holly Downing, Between Us and the Trees
Honorable Mention
Yuji Hiratsuka, Eagle Angels
Honorable Mention
Sarah Sanford, How Little Can We See? no. 6
Honorable Mention
Curtis Bartone, Siccative

Thank you to everyone who came to the reception!

ARTISTS: Leslie Brown, Renee Amitai, Curtis Bartone, Mary Sherwood Brock, Andra Broekelschen, Jennifer Chen, Sydney Cross, Michelle Dakan, Judy Dekel, Mollie Doctrow, Holly Downing, Beth Fein, Christina Yasmin Fesmire, Karen Fiorito, Betty Friedman, Deanna Glad, Yuji Hiratsuka, Jani Hoberg, Linda Hunsaker, Gail Jacobs, Carolyn James, Gesine Janzen, Cindy Koopman, Mako Lanselle, Carolyn Liesy, Linda Lyke, Diane McLeod, Jared Millar, Mary Anne Molcan, Teresa Munoz, Jackie Nach, Angela Oates, Rebecca Harvey Pollack, May Roded, Marianne Sadowski, Sarah Sanford, Annie Silverman, Elsie Sims, Barbara Sloan, Noriho Uriu, Cathy Weiss, Donna Westerman, Linda Yoshizawa 


Since its founding in 1963, the Los Angeles Printmaking Society has grown into a national artist-run membership organization that is devoted to presenting state of the art printmaking exhibitions to the public. 

The mission of Center for the Arts Eagle Rock is to innovative in providing access to inclusive multidisciplinary arts to the communities of Northeast Los Angeles to celebrate the transformative power of the arts in support each other’s identities, talents and dignity.