A collaborative exhibition exploring migration and diversity

ImMigration 2019

October 3 – October 30, 2019

SG Gallery of Scuola Internazionale di Grafica
Seconda del Cristo, 1798, 30121 Venezia VE

ImMigration is a collaborative project that asks artists to respond to the complicated and layered themes around migration as part of unique visual exploration.

As a natural process, migration brings to mind compelling images of caribou herds, butterfly swarms and flocks of birds. Human migrations occur as reactions to disasters from crisis, fear, hunger, political upheaval or war, with whole populations suddenly becoming refugees, endangered, and homeless.

The impact of change and transition on the environment, on culture, language and on history is an eternal process that begins with the process of migration. Each artists’ triangular print is a uniquely personal response to these themes and ideas, interpretations and interactions which presented together as a group create a dynamic visual mosaic.

Stephanie Mercado
Cathy Weiss

Artists participating in ImMigration 2019:
Florence Alfano McEwin, Erika Lee Alonzo, Christina Altfeld, Renee Amitai, Wendy Arbeit, Cynthia Back, Karen Baden-Thapa, Nadege Monchera Baer, Zeina Baltagi, Jane Beckwith, Chris Beneman, Clovis Blackwell, Sam Borgelt-Gonzales, Derek Boshier, Elizabeth Brinton, Mary Sherwood Brock, Andra Broekelschen, Heidi Bruekner, Anita Bunn, Maclovio Cantu IV, Cody Cammbell, Loretta Cappanera, Margarita Chacon Bache, Jaquelee ChitYu Chau, Charles Chung, CathyJean Clark, Blaine Cooper, Cathie Crawford, Sydney Cross, Eric Cuevas, Whitney Davis, Alessia De Bortoli, Judy Dekel, Tallmadge Doyle, Juana Estrada Hernandez, Christina Fesmire, Karen Fiorito,  Beth Fein, Roberta Feoli De Lucia, Kathi Flood, Randy Garber, J. Leigh Garcia, Evelyn Rose Garza, Susan Gesundheit, Robin Gibson, Jane E Goldman, Brandy González, Barry Goodman, Joseph Guerrero, Jennifer Halli, Christine Harrison, Calliandra Hermanson, Amy Hernandez-Hay, Peter Hess, Jani Hicks Hoberg, Gail Jacobs, Gesine Janzen, Deirdre Kelly, Catherine Kernan, Rachel Kerwin, Elizabeth Klimek, Helen Kocis Edwards, Dorothy LaFara, Rachel Leaney, Jocelyn Lechuga, Sang Lee, Paige Lilley, Linda Lyke, Melissa Lowry Mosley, Ilana Manolson, Poli Marichal, Eva Martínez Souto, Rachelle Mark, Sandra Mayo, Erika Max, Belicia McGee, Diane McLeod, Stephanie Mercado, Kimiko Miyoshi, Adrienne Momi, Ines Monguio, Nicola Moss, Jackie Nach, Angela Oates, Rui Ogura-Lalli, Debra Olin, Sarah Pavsner-Mael, Maria Serena Perrone, Rhonda Peyton, Nathan Pietrykowski, Rebecca Pollack, Beatriz Portela, Robin Porter, Artists of the ImMigration Project I and II, Gwen Powell, Janett Pulido, Cynthia Rand-Thompson, Jeera Rattanangkoon, Elaine Ricklin, Emily Roberts, Jenny Robinson, May Roded, Lars Roeder, Francisco Rogido, Olivia Rook, Victor Rosas, Liz Rosetta, Michelle Rozic, Marianne Sadowski, Delea S. Sanborn, Jared Schwartz, Masha Schweitzer, Ross Shackelford, Sarah Shallbetter, Katherine Sheehan, Annie Silverman, Janet Shlesman, Silvia Simmons, Sarah Sipling, Francesco Siqueiros, Barbara Sloan, Donald E. Smith, Christine So, Sarah Spaulding, Branko Staejevic, Eva Svitek, Tatiana Potts, Joy Taylor, Kathleen Thoma, Chadwick Tolley, Eileen Towata, Annabel Trevino, Phumelele Tshabalala, Lara Vaienti, B.A. Van Sise, Melanie Robyn Wall, Linda Watson, Cathy Weiss, Caroline Wilson, Dennis Worrel, Noriho Uriu, Elizabeth Younce


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