An online exhibition celebrating and supporting democracy

Democracy 2020

October 30, 2020

Online Exhibition

LAPS artists created prints to support Democracy and reflect upon our voting rights, free speech, women’s rights and Black Lives Matter.

Climate change, economic uncertainty, confinement, and social injustice all impact our lives and our community.
In this exhibition, LAPS artists confront these issues, create the possibility to connect, to share our feeling, to comfort, to heal, to envision the possibility of change.

Christina Yasmin Fesmire
Renee Amitai
Mako Lanselle
Masha Schweitzer

Artists in Democracy 2020:
Andis Applewhite, David Avery, Renee Amitai, M Sherwood Brock, Sydney Cross, Bay Hallowell, Christina Yasmin Fesmire, Mako Lansell, Qian Lin, Barbara Belle Sloan, Kathleen Thoma, Bob Tomolillo, Caroline Thorington, and AACT; Ariel Brown and Cathy Weiss.