In my art practice I explore form, color and space, embracing improvisation and random chance to impart experiences that are not expressible through any kind of verbal language, presenting environments that have only an ambiguous analog to physical reality. I strive to convey the kind of spaces, feelings and desires that exist in semi-conscious states, and to alternately elicit both contentment and discomfort. The viewer is invited to utilize their own context to bring meaning to the work, and form their own individual response.

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Artist Image #1
State #1, Monotype, 2018
Artist Image #4
Wet Season, Chine Collé, 2022
Artist Image #7
Hover #1, Dark Field Monotype, 2019
Artist Image #2
Passage #1, Monotype, 2019
Artist Image #5
Conditional Structure, Monotype, 2022
Artist Image #8
Hover #2, Dark Field Monotype, 2019
Artist Image #3
Spired, Monotype, 2020
Artist_Image #6
Dry Season, Monotype, 2020
Artist Image #9
Doctrine, Etching, 2020
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Paul Gyuro is a printmaker, painter and graphic designer. He received his B.F.A. from Art Center College of Design in 1987. He has practiced printmaking for over 10 years and exhibited in galleries in the Los Angeles area.

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