My work is a reflection of my dreams in various states of consciousness.

Images come to me like movies, unfolding information before me in an effort to reveal what needs to be recorded. My methods of image making are varied, but always involve a journey and an expression of the path taken.

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Artist Image #1
Zitrusbär (citrus bear), photopolymer gravure, 2021
Artist Image #4
Eisbär, photopolymer gravure, 2018
Artist Image #7
She gave all the butterflies kisses, photopolymer gravure, 2019
Artist Image #2
Leonard and his big mouth-linocut, Hotel Cerro installation 2020
Artist Image #5
Everyone is a winner, linocut, chine-collé, pressed type
Artist Image #8
She was the storm, polychromatic photopolymer gravure, 2018
Artist Image #3
Wüstenbär (desert bear), polychromatic photopolymer gravue, 2020
Artist_Image #6
Ash from the evacuation area,#1,Thomas Fire ash gravure, 2018
Artist Image #9
She loved making her own choices, photopolymer gravure, 2020
Ventura, CA
United States

Born in Los Angeles, by the age of seven she was handed a 110 camera and so began the journey into image-making Monica has studied studio art and art history in Europe and Asia and completed a “round the world trip” beginning in Nepal.
Ms. Wiesblott is an internationally award winning printmaker who currently exhibits her photography and printmaking both in the US and abroad.
When she is not making art, you will find her planting flowers in her neighbor’s yard or feeding the local birds. Monica currently lives in Southern California with her husband and their spoiled cats.

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