My work explores themes of time, memory, and psychological relationships that we develop with transient possessions and environment. I use photographs from my family’s photo albums and drawings of personal imagery to reflect on the associations, such as displacement and longing. Such as the impermanence of ownership over material items, our ability to re-envision precious memories waver and morph, influencing our perception of these same objects and spaces, and thus ultimately ourselves.

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Artist Image #1
"Shift", Stone Lithograph, 2019
Artist Image #4
"Temporal", Aquatint Etching, 2021
Artist Image #7
"The Thoughts Float Further" Cyanotype & Monoprint, 2021
Artist Image #2
"Familiar Sightings", Pronto Plate Lithograph, 2021
Artist Image #5
"6563 Bayberry St." Stone Lithograph with Cyanotype, 2016
Artist Image #8
"The Sound of Flowers", Linocut and hand embellishing, 2020
Artist Image #3
"Intersperse", Stone Lithograph, 2017
Artist_Image #6
"Umbra", Stone Lithograph, 2018
Artist Image #9
"Sonder" Aquatint Etching with hand embellishing, 2022
Long Beach, CA
United States

May Roded is a printmaker living in Long Beach, CA. In 2017 May received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking at California State University, Long Beach. She currently teaches printmaking courses at Loyola Marymount University and printmaking workshops at Josephine Press in Santa Monica, CA.

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