As I am primarily a printmaker, I am interested in depth and light and I concentrate on etching techniques that require drawing and painting skills. This has led me to the process of mezzotint, in which I am entirely self-taught.

My mezzotints are an examination of light and dark using primarily the still life as a vehicle to study how glass and simple objects from nature can create mystery and visual poetry. By manipulating the shadows and reflections of the objects and their surroundings, I record the changes that occur as I try to capture what is special about everyday things.

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Artist Image #1
Convergence, mezzotint, 2021
Artist Image #4
Prize Worth Noting, mezzotint, 2021
Artist Image #7
Like Starting Over, mezzotint, 2020
Artist Image #2
Pine Star, mezzotint, 2022
Artist Image #5
The Intruder, triptych, mezzotint, 2021
Artist Image #8
#Re-Eye, color mezzotint with hand color, 2020
Artist Image #3
We Are Stardust, mezzotint, 2022
Artist_Image #6
Tangled Web II, color mezzotint, 2019
Artist Image #9
The Collector, mezzotint, 2019
Madison, WI
United States

Jayne Reid Jackson is primarily a printmaker specializing in mezzotint. In addition to her formal art training at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and Madison and the AGB Graphics Workshop in Madison Wisconsin, she is self-taught in the mezzotint technique and is known internationally for her mezzotint work where she concentrates on still life elements to study how glass and simple objects can create mystery and visual poetry by manipulating the shadows and reflections of the objects and their surroundings.
She is a member of several print societies across the United States and internationally and has exhibited regularly in member exhibitions with these organizations along with numerous juried shows and invitationals. Besides US collections, her mezzotints are included in several international public collections in Europe, Russia, China, India and Australia. She is currently Director of the International Mezzotint Society.

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