I am a Michigan printmaker.

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Artist Image #1
Art in a Crevice, etching/collage/paint, 2020
Artist Image #4
Fetticcine with Tomatoes, etching/monotype/collage, 2021
Artist Image #7
Flying with Threads, etching/monotype/collage, 2022
Artist Image #2
Hidden Loops, etching/monotype/collage/paint, 2020
Artist Image #5
Magenta Twins, etching/monotype/pencil, 2021
Artist Image #8
Purple Veil, etching/monotype/collage, 2021
Artist Image #3
Thirty Plus Ribbons, etching/monotype/collage, 2021
Artist_Image #6
With Rope Support, Etching/pencil/collage/paint, 2020
Artist Image #9
Yellow Centerfold, etching/monotype, 2020
Traverse City, MI
United States

Artist Statement
For my Master of Fine Arts Degree, I majored in painting and minored in printmaking. But for the past twenty years, I have been concentrating solely on various forms of intaglio prints.
My intaglio prints are created with bold colored shapes and flowing lines forming large graphic compositions. Printmaking allows me the freedom to experiment, be innovative and take risks. The process is full of surprises and unintended outcomes.
My work begins with an abstraction of an image or a drawing. I have created some images with clay, folded paper, twisted cloth, twigs, and industrial purge. Then a photographic image or drawing is scanned into the computer, transformed, abstracted, and developed onto etching plates. Using my intaglio etching press, I print a series of three or four hand-inked etching prints and proceed to diversify each finished outcome. The layers of monotype, collage, and pencil placed upon each etching print create a final work that transcends each independent layer. My new relief and sculptural pieces evolve from these two-dimensional prints. By combining, folding, and cutting two or more prints, I create three-dimensional work. My works are considered one-of-a-kind, hand pulled prints. I work in series but never in multiples or editions.

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