I make large woodcut print, mixed media constructions and installations. Each new block carries forth from the blocks before but something new is added to the story, marking my woodblock figures in the way we tattoo our bodies. The content of my work is inspired by cross cultural, historical story, myth and truths and how it is relevant in today’s world. I address issues such as peace, our earth, and the human condition.

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Artist Image #1
Tree of Souls, woodcut print, stencil, 2021
Artist Image #4
Welcome Stranger, woodcut print, stencil,,2019 2018
Artist Image #7
Seeds of Hope, woodcut print, stencil,2020
Artist Image #2
Three Keys,2 woodcut print, 2022
Artist Image #5
Three Keys, woodcut print, 2022
Artist Image #8
Never Forget, Woodcut print, stencil, rope 2021,
Artist Image #3
Waters of Strength, woodcut print, branches, 2019
Artist_Image #6
What Will You Do? woodcut print, 2018
Artist Image #9
Asherah, woodcut, stencil, inkjet, wood, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Los Angeles based artist, Cathy Weiss was born in NYC and raised in Los Angeles.
She holds a BA in Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz and received a Fellowship in Printmaking from Pratt Institute for Graduate Studies in New York. Weiss has curated and organized many exhibitions, and her work has received numerous awards and has been exhibited and collected both nationally and abroad. Along with Weiss’ many public projects, the artist is also well known for her large installation pieces often done in woodcut and mixed media.
Recent exhibitions include Masters of Migration, an installation at Malibu City Hall, The Key, Rota, Spain, a solo exhibition, Living in Our DNA, the Many layers of Home and Belonging, Mike Kelley Gallery, Beyond Baroque in Venice Ca. Past solo exhibitions include Love and Light at the Contemporary Craft Museum in LA; Laurel Canyon, Chaparral Habitat: Native Flora and Fauna at LAX, Terminal 3 and From the Ground Up at Ontario Airport for the LA World Airports Exhibitions and Installations. A current project brings together diverse women of all ages, religions, cultures and socio-economic status to build bridges through art. Upcoming solo exhibition at UCLA in fall of 2022
Weiss works and lives in Laurel Canyon, California.

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