My work is an exploration of abstract symbolism and the dualities in life.

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Artist Image #1
In Repose, Woodcut and ukiyo-e woodblock print, 2021
Artist Image #4
Untitled 1, Woodblock print, 2018
Artist Image #7
Steamrolled VI, Woodblock print, 2016
Artist Image #2
Untitled 1, Monotype, 2021
Artist Image #5
Untitled 2, Woodblock print, 2019
Artist Image #8
Wyvern, Woodblock print, 2015
Artist Image #3
Untitled, Woodblock print, 2019
Artist_Image #6
Rye, Woodblock print, 2015
Artist Image #9
Have Courage (Steamrolled IV), Woodblock print,,2014
Houston, TX
United States

Born in Pampa, Texas, Andis Applewhite lives and works in Houston and recently expanded to Lone Star, north of Lubbock, where her farm and newly planted vineyard are located. Over the years she has developed a vocabulary of abstract symbolism to make sense of the world and the dualities that present themselves. She takes images from sumi ink studies she has painted, translates, and hand carves into pecan and mahogany wood or paints them onto screens. The final step is to hand print a limited edition of the carved or painted image onto Japanese or cotton paper.

She is an elected member of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society, California Society of Printmakers and is a founding member and president of PrintMatters. Her screenprint “No Other” is included in the Library of Congress. Applewhite is being archived in the Artist Printmaker Research Collection, Museum of Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.

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